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  • Instructions For Shipments Going into Storage

    Important information for shipments to be delivered to mini storage or self-storage unit. Be certain the storage unit is large enough to accommodate your items. It may be necessary for the delivery driver to stack items in the storage unit to be able to fit everything. Moving pads are not provided by the carrier, so... READ MORE

  • Ensuring Accuracy With Your Moving Estimate

    Be Sure Your Estimate is Not a Scam Before hiring a professional to handle your move, it’s important to carefully read the estimate they provide. Too often, people hire movers based solely on the bottom line without considering the charges that are included (or not included) in the price. Since the estimate determines the price... READ MORE

  • Understanding Liability With Long-Distance Moves

    Who is Liable if My Items get Broken or Lost?   Planning for a move? Will it be local or long-distance? Within or outside of the state? You may not realize that these factors can determine who handles your contract, and by extension, who assumes liability for your shipment. Most local moving companies are affiliated... READ MORE

  • Self-Storage or Full-Service Storage: Which is Right for You?

    Not everyone knows there are two different types of storage facilities: self-storage and full-service storage. While both of these facilities serve the same essential purpose, in many ways they are quite different. But what are these differences? And which type of facility should you choose? Read on to learn more about these two storage options.... READ MORE

  • Salvation Army Partnership

    Decluttering is just one of the many tasks you need to tackle before moving day. What to do with those unwanted belongings? Allied has partnered with The Salvation Army to help provide hope throughout your community and make donating easier than ever before. Whose life will you change when you donate goods? It’s as simple... READ MORE

  • 5 Tips For Moving With Pets

    As you make arrangements for your move, don’t overlook your pets. Before, during and after moving day, your pets will need extra care and attention. The noise and disruption of moving day can be stressful for some animals. It’s not unusual for pets, especially cats, to go missing during the chaos of a move. Below,... READ MORE

  • What Movers Can’t (And Shouldn’t) Move For You

    At Santa Rosa Moving & Storage, we love helping our members with every detail for their moves. Making sure your possessions reach your new home safely is our number one goal. However, there are some items that we can’t transport in our moving trucks and other items that we strongly advise clients keep with them... READ MORE