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  • Supervised for Satisfaction

    “The head driver was great and he did a very good job supervising the men working for him. I packed some stuff and they did the rest. I brought more clothes than I did furniture. The furniture they packaged themselves.”

    – Allied Customer
  • Loyal Customer

    “There was a high level of professionalism and care. The price was good. The movers were excellent. I have used Allied before, and I called again because it was such a great experience.”

    – Allied Customer
  • Handled with Care

    “The way everything was handled. The driver, Mark, and his helper, Will, were extremely professional and helpful, and we were very satisfied with them.”

    – Allied Customer
  • Nice & Kind with Great Attitudes

    “The guys were really nice. They were great, nice, and kind. They had great attitudes. I was only present for the delivery.”

    – Allied Customer