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What Movers Can’t (And Shouldn’t) Move For You

vintage allied van lines moving truck At Santa Rosa Moving & Storage, we love helping our members with every detail for their moves. Making sure your possessions reach your new home safely is our number one goal. However, there are some items that we can’t transport in our moving trucks and other items that we strongly advise clients keep with them on moving day.

What should stay with you on moving day

On your moving day, all difficult-to-replace items (and irreplaceable items) should stay with you rather than go on the moving truck. That includes things like cash, deeds, personal identification papers (passports, birth certificates), photo albums and collections (like a coin or stamp collection). Anything that is intrinsically important or of sentimental value should stay with you during the move.

Medications during your move

When preparing for a move, don’t forget to make sure that you have an adequate supply of your medications with you. That means making sure you have enough for your moving and travel days and some extra doses if there are any delays. We suggest that our members keep their prescription medicine supplies with them during a move if possible. That way, you don’t have to go rifling through moving boxes the first morning in your new home or, even worse, find yourself without adequate medication if the moving truck gets delayed.

However, we realize that it’s not always possible or practical for people to travel with their medications, especially if the move is long distance or the medications require refrigeration. In these cases, we recommend that our clients have their doctors contact a pharmacy in their new neighborhood so that their medical treatment can continue without interruption.

What can’t go into our moving trucks

Flammable, caustic or pressurized items cannot go on the moving trucks. That includes items like bleach-based cleaning products, propane tanks, aerosol sprays, charcoal and fire extinguishers. Certain toys, such as those hoverboards that were popular a few years ago, need to stay off moving tucks, as their batteries can overheat and catch fire. Keeping these items off the trucks protects our drivers, your possessions and first responders in the case of emergency.

Trucks that carry caustic or pressurized materials need to have special placards that indicate to first responders what chemicals are aboard. Firefighters look for these placards when trucks are in accidents so that they can respond with the appropriate fire suppression methods. Our trucks do not have these hazardous materials placards, which means transporting such materials would put first responders (as well as drivers) at risk.

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