Packing Tips

Approximate number of cartons necessary to move:
1 Bedroom 25 Cartons
2 Bedroom 50 Cartons
3 Bedroom 75 Cartons
4+ Bedroom 100+ Cartons

This list is a small sample of the cartons we have available for sale;

Book Cartons are 1.5 cubic feet (17x12x12) and are used for packing small heavy weight items, such as books, record albums, canned goods, and small kitchen appliances. 2’ of regular size books on the shelf will usually fit into 1 book carton

Medium Cartons are 3.0 cubic feet (18x18x16) and are used to pack small appliances, toys and medium weight items

Medium Large Cartons are 4.5 cubic feet (18x18x24) and are used to pack Pots & Pans, larger, lighter weight items

Large Cartons are 6.0 cubic feet (22x22x21) and are used to pack Bedding, towels, linens, pillows, and large bulky, light weight items

Extra Large Cartons are 6.5 cubic feet (24x24x20) and are used to pack TV’s and Microwaves, larger sturdy items

Dishpacks are 5.0 cubic feet (18x18x28) and are used to pack dishes (1 full set of 12 with gravy boat & platter will fit)
Dishpacks are double wall cartons and great for electronic components, speakers and lamps

Pole Lamp Cartons are 3.33 cubic feet (16x12x40) and are used to pack pole lamps, golf clubs, and other long items

Wardrobes are 15 cubic feet (20x24048) and 2-3’ of clothing hanging naturally in the closet will fit into 1 wardrobe

Flat Wardrobes are 3.43 cubic feet (33x20x9) and are used for uniforms, wedding dresses and other items

Glasspacks are used for packing large pictures & mirrors, there are 3 styles/sizes – we can help you choose the proper one for you needs.

You will need paper for wrapping, tape to close the boxes and a marking pen to write on the boxes
You might also consider bubble wrap, paper pads and other specialized products to safely pack your possessions. You can also consider using towels, linens and any other soft items you may have.

Keep your own inventory of items packed in each box with your own numbering system, mark your last name and room the box should be placed in when delivered.
LVRM; Living Room
FAMRM; Family Room
DR; Dining Room
KIT; Kitchen
BATH; Main Bath, Mstr Bath (Master), etc…
BDRM: Bedroom 1, 2, 3,… or Cathy’s room, Tom’s room, etc….
GAR; Garage
STG; Storage
This will make the delivery smooth and eliminate movers asking you where to place each box