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Moving to San Francisco

Though our company name is Sausalito & Santa Rosa Moving and Storage, a large percentage of our clients move to or from San Francisco. We hope you find the information below helpful!

Here’s what you need to know about moving in San Francisco

Last Updated : August 9, 2021 2:07 PM by Hannah Lucas


San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge

Whether you are moving to San Francisco, moving out of San Francisco, or just moving from home to home within the city: Good luck! You are officially a player in one of the craziest real estate games in the United States. Maybe you’ve (finally) found a new home in San Francisco. Maybe you’re (finally) getting out of the San Francisco chaos. Whatever the case may be, between deciding to move and finding a new home you are probably exhausted. Well, we have good news: The actual process of moving in San Francisco doesn’t have to be hard. Start by finding a reputable San Francisco moving company and the rest will be simple. Here are some things an experienced local mover can help you with:


Moving in San Francisco Requires Parking Permits

San Francisco has a well-deserved reputation for difficult parking and pricey parking permits. When considering the cost of your move, be sure to factor in about $300 for a parking permit for the moving truck.  Your San Francisco moving company may be able to give you guidance about whether or not you need one and how to obtain it. Or you can get a head start by  visiting San Francisco’s parking permit portal here. Remember, whether or not you decide to purchase a permit, parking for the moving truck is ultimately your responsibility—as are any parking tickets incurred on moving day.

Loading the truck on a steep hill

Loading the truck on a steep hill

We are Familiar with The Famous San Francisco Hills

Drive a sedan up Divisadero through Cow Hollow and you will develop an intense respect for moving trucks that routinely navigate the same slope. The hills of San Francisco should dissuade you from renting a truck and grabbing strong friends on moving day. Instead, hire a professional San Francisco mover with experience driving in the hilly city.

Packing and Organization is Key

Having your home packed for you by a professional moving company is one of life’s most delicious luxuries. But even if you’re going it alone, your moving company still can help with the packing. Along with professional tips, special boxes will be provided by your moving company for dishes and garments. They can even take apart furniture and put it back together in your new home–often at no additional cost to you. In addition, many moving companies can help you identify and store items that don’t have a place to go in your new home.

Take the San Francisco Traffic into Consideration

Under the Golden Gate Bridge

Unfortunately, the traffic in the Bay Area has become a nearly 24-hour phenomenon. Still, there are times when congestion is lighter then others. If you are moving locally, driving times can add significantly to the cost of your move. Make sure to consult with your moving company about traffic conditions. Ask for their advice on best times to schedule your move.

Whether you are moving from San Francisco or moving to San Francisco, you might want to check out these packing & moving tips.

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